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Welcome! The History Center in Tompkins County helps you use the tools of history to understand your past, gain perspective on the present, and play an informed role in shaping your future.


Connecting to One's Own History

Ways to Discover and Share Your Family Story

On Saturday, September 12th, 2015 at 2:00 PM, The History Center in Tompkins County will host a panel discussion titled "Connecting to One's Own History: Ways to Discover and Share Your Family Story." The History Center in Tompkins County encourages everyone to explore their own histories.

With Respect to Native American Artifacts

Join us at The History Center in Tompkins County on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at 6:00 PM for the presentation "With Respect to Native American Artifacts" with Professor Fredric Wright Gleach. Professor Gleach is a Senior Lecturer and the Curator of the Anthropology Collections at Cornell University.

Destroyed, Forgotten, Never Noted

Ithaca's Hidden Indigenous History

On Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at 2:00 PM, The History Center in Tompkins County will be hosting Professor Kurt Jordan for his presentation "Destroyed, Forgotten, Never Noted: Ithaca's Hidden Indigenous History." Kurt A. Jordan is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and American Indian Studies at Cornell University.

Local History Matters: Early Treasures from the Collection

The material culture of history is as varied as the people who live in a community. Objects from cookware to coverlets, from paintings to petticoats all tell the story of the people who came before us. History museums collect many things that don't always seem obviously "historical." But these artifacts reflect the myriad aspects of everyday life and teach us about how our predecessors lived, how they worked, what they wore, and what kind of people they were.

Tompkins County Timeline

Retrace our local history from geological times to the present day through a permanent photo exhibit in our entry hallway.

Life in the 1890's

Explore an interactive exhibit about people's daily life in the 1890's, with a 19th-century country store, an authentic cash register and a large-scale replica of the Eight Square Schoolhouse...

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