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The answer to that question is largely up to you.

From generation to generation people have been drawn to Tompkins County by the natural beauty of the area. But the people who came to this area so many generations ago didn’t just see the natural beauty. In their eyes the lake was a system of transport, and the waterfalls a source of power, and so in the natural beauty they saw a future.

The legacy of their hard work is all around us. Their trails have become busy thoroughfares bringing people from across the nation and the world. Their schools are a testament to the value of education — from a tiny octagon which after 180 years is still serving children, to a college and university that serve the children of the world. It is clear that our community was built with a vision for the future, and it is the future of tomorrow that we at The History Center are eager to serve.

Will you make a gift that provides the resources necessary to serve the future?

Let us tell you about some of the exciting opportunities which The History Center hopes to implement on behalf of you, your children, and your community.

Over the past few years The History Center has begun to emerge as not only the custodian of the community’s past, but an important player in the construction of our future. We foresee a future in which The History Center takes an active role in applying the lessons of our collections and archives to provide a sense of place for our communities, and a context for contemporary civic decisions.

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