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Living History Program

Our day-long Living History program gives fourth graders from public, private , and home school groups an opportunity to experience a day at school in 1892. The Eight Square Schoolhouse is the site of program, led by trained schoolteachers using an authentic 1890s curriculum. Students engage in such activities as pen-and-ink penmanship lessons, reading aloud from primers of the day, and outdoor recess with period games. Students are encouraged to dress the part and bring lunches that replicate what their great-great grandparents might have taken to school. Nearly 800 children participate in the program annually.

Teachers & Parents
The Eight Square Schoolhouse Visitors Resource Guide is intended to help prepare your students for their visit to the Eight Square Schoolhouse.  It includes information on the 1890's time period, the 8 Square Schoolhouse site, details on how to dress children and adults for the day, and how to pack a period lunch.
Please don't hesitate to contact Carole West if you have any questions that are not covered in this material.

For further information and to learn how your group can participate, contact Program Director, Carole West at 273-8284 X229 or

Schoolmarms and Schoolmasters Wanted: Become A Teacher at The Eight Square Schoolhouse

Take some local history, a landmark building, a flair for the dramatic and a roomful of kids – mix well and you will have an unforgettable trip to the past. The History Center is looking for teachers at our 1827 schoolhouse on Hanshaw Road in Dryden. In the spring and fall, area 4th grade and home school children spend a day immersed in rural one-room school education of over a century ago via our Living History program. If you are interested in becoming part of our unique teaching team, please call program director Carole West, Program Director at 607 273 8284 X 229.

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