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"Made in Tompkins County: A Timeline of Local Enterprise" Exhibition

Thomas Morse  Aviation

October 7th, 2016 to April 18th, 2017

Tompkins County is well known for its educational institutions. What is less known is its rich industrial history. From its earliest days it has been the home of inventors and entrepreneurs - people who laid the commercial foundation of a prosperous community. From grist mills to high tech, local enterprise has encompassed world renowned guns, iron bridges, calendar clocks, steam engines, drive chains, and much more. This broad survey takes a look at the long sweep of enterprise in Tompkins County, from its earliest days to the 21st century.

(Pictured on left Thomas-Morse Aviation).



The History Center staff used many different resources to research our new exhibit Made in Tompkins County: A Timeline of Enterprise  including these interesting history books:

The Towns of Tompkins County: From Podunk to the Magnetic Springs,
edited by Jane Marsh Dieckmann

The book draws on historical accounts, public records, newspaper stories, and recollections of residents, especially those who have lived in the county for many years. Illustrated with more then 100 photographs and maps, this volume will make informative, useful, and entertaining reading for residents and friends of the region.