The History Center presents:

Underneath it All - Underwear through the Ages

underneath it all

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 5th, 2011
5 to 8pm
at The History Center

Does anyone know what a pantywaist is? Or the difference between pantaloons and bloomers? And just why were Victorian ladies always swooning? Could it maybe be their corsets were too tightly laced?

The History Center will be answering these and many other questions relating to the once taboo subject of "unmentionables" when it presents its summer exhibit "Underneath it All - Underwear through the Ages" starting in July.



Included in this exhibit will be a variety of clothing and artifacts that make their home in The History Center collections. Dating from the late 1700s to the present day, it will include an array of petticoats from every era, some interesting men’s fashions, of course quite a bit of infant and children's clothing (yes, diapers too!) and a few surprises. Come see how fashions changed through the years - especially what went under those fashions to give the particular look of the day.

The exhibit will be on view from July 1st through September 2011.


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The History Center
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