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Thank you for your support, participation, guidance and enthusiasm.

We need your financial support for this last push to finish packing and to write scripts for the exhibits, timeline and digital kiosks. It will take concerted effort over the next few months to handle the small and big details.
It will be refreshing to be in a new space and to have several built-in partners to work with as we explore new programming. And while there are tremendous opportunities we are mindful that there are challenges regarding the increased hours we will be open and responsibilities that we will take on as one of the major partners in TCHC.

Please helps us with this critical transition. While there are many ways that you can be part of the future history of The History Center what is of primary importance now is a strong financial foundation.

Help us “fly” into the new year as we prepare to have the Tommy plane be a major focus of our exhibit hall.

-The Trustees of The History Center in Tompkins County


Pledge your support!



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